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Geisa here,

your virtual business sidekick

Wow! I'm so glad to see you here. My genuine goal with my business is to help creative entrepreneurs simplify their journey and keep their focus on their zone-of-genius.

I believe in the potential of entrepreneurs and how far their creativity can go. I know that being a dreamer sometimes seem confusing: you don't have time for anything, you think you need to know everything to grow your business or don't know how tech can be your best friend. Hard isn't?! But relax! My passion for creativity and my obsession with business, people and technology will make your biz as strong and optimized as it can be - no matter your starting point.

Save time, automate more and scale your biz with "no drama"

In the details...

IMG_20190616_172604 (1).jpg

My home country is Brazil but now I've lived in Australia. In the past, I lived for a short time in Portugal where I did my Master Degree. So my heart is divided between these three countries. :)


My everything: my mom and my husband. They inspire me every single day!



I love a good podcast, specially about self-development or business ;)


I absolutely can not cook. I'm a disaster in the kitchen.


I love music. So a good playlist is the key to a productive work day for me.

So our journey start here!

Thanks for checking things out over here! It means a lot for me!

I can’t wait to help you simplify your business to look at your days as a less tired and more productive entrepreneur than you can and should be.

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