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Freedom is not an impossible dream

It's time to eliminate repetitive tasks and make your business as optimized as possible, So that you have time to focus on what is important while yours clients live the best experience they can have.

System can make your journey easier

+ Absolutely give every client the same experience.

+ Free up time to give more attention to your clients because you won’t be chained down by reinventing the wheel every time you perform a task. 

+ Essentially hire your first assistant in the form of technology, taking back a surprising amount of time by simply streamlining and automating.


Development of 

Business System

+ comprehensive map of the client journey.

+ strategize + implement an action plan for a consistent client experience.

+ strategize + implement an action plan for client gifting.

+ setup of CRM: general settings set-up to match brand settings, custom canned emails, set-up of workflows, set-up of a scheduler, design of client portal, set-up of forms.

+ custom designed + branded expectations + pricing document (PDF).

+ custom designed + branded welcome document.


Virtual Assistant

Individual Services

+ Mailchimp newsletters

+ build and manage websites

+ create eBooks and graphics using Canva 

+ blog content creation


+ schedule set up + management 


+ invoice management

+ Floktu ticketing setup + management

+ guest list/invitation/RSVP management

 + event budget management

+ course launch preparation

 + organization admin work




The long nights, the working weekends, the sticking your head in the sand hoping it will all work out somehow... hustle mentality and, most of the time in what is process, does not create business... all you end up doing is going round and round the hamster wheel until you burn out.

The real answer lies in doing less but having more focus and impact with each thing you do.


Need a sidekick or not sure what you really need?


That's ok. I know you have many ideas blowing up in your mind and sometimes is hard to know where to start.

But no drama. The goal of my work is to help ingenious entrepreneurs like you realize the joy in structure and task completion so they can grow their business effectively. Let's take your biz beyond!

What my clients say...

Thank you so much, Ge for helping me and for helping my small business. I can't imagine our hair & beauty salon without our services anymore. Before you I didn't have enough time and patience to plan our social media and marketing - I'm the worst person with technology and after you everything is so much easier and smooth and I'm having more time to focus in other aspects of the business that I'm good at. 


Excellent work, super fast, super quality and understood the brief perfectly!


If you're looking for a talented biz girl I'm sure Geisa will accomplish your needs. She is just AMAAAAAZING!


—  Dandara Ramos, Unique Beauty & Style

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